Length, Volume, Lift.

A treatment created by Nouveau, LVL lash lift enhancement creates long and lifted lashes. This procedure, that is taking the beauty industry by storm, is perfect for those who are looking to lengthen and thicken their lashes whilst retaining a natural look. It is an ideal alternative to curling mascara or eyelash curlers.

LVL Lash lift is a beauty treatment that Michelle Keegan says she can’t live without! With LVL lash lift there is no need for extensions, adhesive or even mascara!

The treatment

Unlike more traditional lash augmentation methods, LVL enhancement straightens your eyelashes at the root, using a setting serum to make your lashes appear longer. As well as lengthening, there is an added tint which offers a mascara-style effect to make your lashes permanently appear luscious and thick. This natural treatment will have your lashes looking better than ever before in a short amount of time, and the effects last!

full consultation is required for all treatments including patch test
Price £35

“It’s no wonder LVL lash lift is so popular, the treatment really works and lasts!”

The closed-eye procedure will be performed by our LVL trained team and it is relatively quick with the effects being instantly visible. After just 40 minutes of relaxing treatment you will have exquisitely long and thick lashes.

All aspects of LVL enhancement have been carefully created so to not damage your natural lashes.

How Long do they last?

The effects are noticeable immediately and depending on your lash type, last for 6-8 weeks. To make sure that your lashes are constantly at their best, you can apply Nouveau lashes conditioning serum to keep them nourished and fresh.


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