Here at Bellas Beauty, Verwood beautician, we love working on nails.

Hands or feet, we can offer you treatments that will make your nails look stunning, ready for every occasion or event! We are CND trained, having learned numerous specialist nail treatment skills including Shellac and Gel II.


Shellac nail colouring is a coating that is a blend of both gel and polish. Many people choose Shellac because it is long-lasting and resistant to chipping, meaning that your nails remain looking fresh for extended periods of time.

The gel in Shellac adds strength to your nails and in the long term can offer your nails substantial protection.

We offer a variety of other Shellac treatments:

  • Shellac Luxury Manicure - cut & file nails, cuticle work, shellac, solar oil, hand & arm massage with nourishing cream.
  • Shellac Luxury Pedicure - foot soak, cut & file nails, cuticle work, exfoliating foot scrub, shellac, solar oil, foot massage with nourishing cream.
  • Shellac Rockstar Extra - glitter in your choice of colour on fingers or toes.
  • Shellac Removal - *removal is free if you are having Shellac reapplied and your Shellac was applied by Bellas Beauty.
Shellac application fingers or toes £25
Shellac Luxury Manicure £30
Shellac Luxury Pedicure £35
Shellac Removal £8 (free if reapplication booked)
Nail Glitter/Gems/Crystals £0.50 extra per nail
full consultation is required for all treatments including patch test

Gel II

Gel nail enhancements are normally applied in 3 steps: a base coat, your chosen polish colour and a top coat. Gel II only requires two!

Gel II doesn’t require a base coat so the treatment is perfect if you are sensitive or allergic to certain gel polishes that contain base coat primers. Gel II polishes do not have the potentially damaging effects some gels can have.

At Bellas Beauty we offer a massive range of Gel II polish colours. We also offer nail treatments including acrylic and other gel enhancements.

Acrylic/gel nail enhancements

Full Set £30
Infills 2-3 weeks £23
Natural nail acrylic / gel overlay £30
Rebalance 3-4 weeks £26
Shellac/UV gels extra £10
Soak off & Manicure £20
Nail Replacement £3 per nail
Nail Art/Glitter £2 per nail
full consultation is required for all treatments including patch test


IBX is a fabulous new treatment for natural nails.

For this procedure a thin liquid is applied to your nail, penetrating the surface of damaged nails. The repairing process is aided by using a heat or LED lamp which will help to strengthen your impaired nails.

The beneficial differences should be visible within 6 weeks.

IBX treatment can also be carried out under nail enhancements, nail polish and even Shellac or Gel II. We recommend that 1st time clients of IBX should return after 1 week to ensure the repairing process is proceeding properly.

full consultation is required for all treatments including patch test
IBX Treatment £17
Shellac add on £10


If your nails require our attention, book an appointment today with Bella’s Beauty. Contact us on 07427 606286 to find out more about our nail procedures.