Semi Permanent Makeup

Are you fed up of spending long periods of time in front of the mirror doing your makeup everyday? Semi permanent makeup can save you!

At Bellas Beauty we have had training with Nouveau Contour, pioneers in micropigmentation, one of the fastest growing specialities in the beauty industry. Semi-permanent makeup can enhance aspects of your appearance including your brows, eyes and lips.

The results of this type of treatment are designed to last lengthy periods of time, by keeping your colour topped up semi-permanent makeup can last for months!


Semi-permanent makeup allows your natural beauty to be enhanced by subtly shaping and defining your features. It will also save you a considerable amount of time as your amount of makeup application will be reduced.


Brow treatments are one of the most popular semi-permanent cosmetic procedures. Undergoing this process can provide you with your perfect brows at all times without having to have surgery. Brow micropigmentation will:

full consultation is required for all treatments including patch test
  • Add lift and shape
  • Rectify over-plucked or sparse brows
  • Add extra definition for youthful look
  • Restore appearance of realistic looking brows
Hair stroke Brows
Ltd offer
Eyebrow Tail Extension
Ltd offer

Lash Enhancement & Baby Liner

Semi-permanent makeup can truly enhance the appearance of your eyes by imitating various styles of eye makeup. It is a fabulous procedure that will add extra definition to your eyes without having to use eyeliner. A subtle soft line is put through the lashes and the baby liner is the same but the line is slightly thicker and we create a small flick on the corners.

full consultation is required for all treatments including patch test
Ltd offer from £170


By undergoing a semi-permanent makeup lip procedure you can improve the symmetry, definition and fullness of your lips. Micropigmentation can add colour, improve your lip line or even fully redefine your lip contour. You can even recreate the colour of your favourite lipstick by having a full colour lip boost.

Full consultation is required for any semi-permanent makeup procedure so contact us today to talk through the processes.

full consultation is required for all treatments including patch test
Lip Liner Ltd offer £180
Lip Blush Ltd offer from £230


If you would like HD Brow styling from Bellas Beauty please contact us. To book an appointment call 07427 606286 today.